Helping Mark the International Day of Peace

To mark the International Day of Peace, Bognor Philoxenia is inviting people to reflect on the meaning of peace. We’re pleased to be working alongside them with this project.

They will have an installation on the High Street during the weekend of our event, at which people will be able to contribute to an enormous – roughly eight times life size – dove by drawing or writing on hundreds of mini dove-shaped cards with their own drawings and reflections on peace.

The results will be used to inspire an ‘evening on peace’ later in the year.

‘Philoxenia’ means ‘friendship with strangers’ and the opposite of Xenophobia.
Bognor Philoxenia is a group of Bognor people from the UK, Eastern Europe and around the world, concerned with the
development of a common sense of community between people across national boundaries.
It is part of ACCORD: a Cross Cultural Organisation Recognizing Diversity.


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