View & Download Songs For FamyShanty Sessions

Welcome to FamyShanty 🌟

Bringing families closer together through music is the aim of FamyShanty, our new and exciting out-reach project from Southdowns Music Festival.

Monthly sessions will last for around 90 minutes with experienced music tutors leading mainly primary aged children and their parents in learning songs on ukuleles based around well known Sea Shanties.

`Mikes Music` boss, Mike Bosley, one of the Project partners said: “The last few years have been very difficult for families with the Covid Pandemic and other pressures. So FamyShanty is a way of redressing this and offering something that both parents and their children can enjoy, whilst learning new skills and helping improve their overall well-being. We also plan to use IT to make learning resources available on YouTube and other platforms so that participants can continue learning and practising between physical sessions`.

To find out more or to get involved, just call/text 07751 594285.

View and download the songs for the forthcoming sessions:
Blow The Man Down
Drunken Sailor Basic
Drunken Sailor
John Kanaka
Singing in the Rain

And view guided videos via our YouTube channel.


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