The Selsey Shantymen

London Road Precinct | Saturday | 2.20pm

The Selsy Shantymen

Selsey: Coastal town with Fishing Fleet and Lifeboat station south of Chichester.
Shanty: A song with alternating solo and chorus, of a kind originally sung by sailors while performing physical labour together. Probably taken from French chantez! – ‘sing!’
Men: Noisy, shouty, male human…

In the Summer of 2018 one ‘land locked Mancunian’ living in Selsey (by the sea) attended The Northern Whisper Helmshore Beer Festival (upt’north) quite unplanned; apart from the selection of absolutely great beer to be sampled, The Rossendale Male Voice Choir (established 1924) attended and sang at the event and that was it; inspired, a male singing group was to be formed upon the return to Selsey, down south.
Selsey has a fishing fleet AND a Lifeboat so a no brainer; not a Choir but a Shanty group!
Adverts were placed seeking out local blokes who fancied singing a song or two (“ no experience necessary…”) found a pub to meet in on a Tuesday night (many thanks to Nick of The Fisherman’s Joy!), a few songs were
found where the ‘Lead Shantyman’ sings a ‘call’ and the demands a response in a ‘shouty’ way (“To Me!”) and the result was…?
Shouty blokes singing shouty songs…

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