Madder Mill Molly

Madder Mill Molly | Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September
Various Times | Town Centre

While out at an event (dancing a different style of Morris) they saw a Molly team dancing, fell in love with the style and became eager to learn it. The Molly tradition has its origins in East Anglia/The Fens and although there are many teams in these areas, they found that in the South/South East there are very few teams. With no local team to join, they created their own!
The team live, and practice, in the vicinity of the River Wandle, so a team name associated with the river was chosen. In 1790 there was a madder and snuff mill on their part of the river; madder and mill went well with the word Molly.
As a bonus, the madder root was used to make red dye, so this made choosing a team colour really easy.

Madder Molly

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