Greg Harper Band

Regis Centre Studio | Saturday | 4.30pm

The Greg Harper Band

Greg Harper is an English singer-songwriter celebrated for his ability to combine evocative melodies with genuinely thought-provoking lyrics.
His songs have been used to promote many diverse issues. From the drawing of attention to the loss of ancient woodland, by the Woodland Trust, in All Gone. To raising awareness of the dangers of fracking with Cool Clear Water.
Described by the CEO of Compassion in World Farming as… “A very beautiful, poignant, and haunting song” Gossamer Wings highlights the current decline and consequential plight of bees.
Greg writes with passion and honesty about our history, aspirations, loves and lives.

The Greg Harper Band

To be able to compress the essence of a story, the emotion, the cause and effect into four and a half minutes takes a rare talent, and one that Greg Harper seems to have in his soul – Fatea Magazine

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