Festival Dance Programme

With severn excellent dance groups coming to the Bognor Regis Town Centre
on Saturday and Sunday 22nd & 23rd September, expect a riot of colour and dance talent
from some of the very best practitioners in the country.
Dance groups are coming from far and wide, including London, the Isle of Wight, Brighton, Lewes, Hampshire and West Sussex.
The teams will be displaying a varied range of folk & ethnic dance.
Styles include Appalachian, Northern Clog, Cotswold Morris and dances from around the World, all performed with great verve, colour and style.

View the 2018 Festival Dance Performers Schedule.

The East Surrey Morris Men

The East Surrey Morris side was formed in 1926 and was one of the six sides that founded the Morris Ring in 1934. Since then, gatherings of Morris men, known as Ring Meetings, have been held annually in all parts of the country... and the Morris Ring now comprises over 300 individual clubs.

Fishbourne Mill

A mixed Morris team full of swagger and verve!

Crooked Moon

This is an Appalachian clogging team from the Brighton area, with precise stepping, moves and dance links; helping us really appreciate their dance and music. They also have as much fun as possible!


This display team - The Bognor Regis International Dance Ensemble - has members of all ages and enjoys international folk dancing.

Datchet Border Morris

Datchet Border are an all male Morris side with a mixed band, performing dances in the English Border style (English/Welsh border).

Knickerbocker Glory

What's Colourful?
What's Exciting?
What's Energetic?
What's Entertaining?

It's Knickerbocker Glory! Knickerbocker Glory are an Appalachian dance team.

Invicta Morris

Invicta Morris was formed in 1976. It was the first women’s Cotswold Morris side in Kent. In 2012 men joined the ladies and they became a mixed side. Their kit colours of red and white and their prancing horse emblem are taken from the Kentish coat of arms.
Invicta are based in the Sevenoaks area and they perform dances from the Cotswold Morris tradition. They also dance their own tradition 'Ightham', named after a small village near Sevenoaks. Within this tradition the team have created a number of their own dances, such as Laura and The Hopbine.

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