Festival Workshops

Choir Workshop ~ Saturday 23rd September ~ 10.30-11.30

At The Regis Center: Join Broomdasher (16+ powerful voices) in singing acapella and with instrumental accompaniment - to include favourite English Folk songs... and more.

Ukulele Workshop ~ Saturday 23rd September ~ 10.30-midday

At The William Hardwicke: Mike's Music Workshop - a workshop for all abilities.

Dance Workshop ~ Saturday 23rd September ~ 10.30-Midday

At The Regis Center: Around The World In 80 Days dance workshop with the lovely, lively dance group, 'Bride'.

Sea Shanty Workshop ~ Saturday 23rd September ~ 12 noon-1.15pm

At The William Hardwicke: Join the wonderful Southdowns Folk Singers in this, their Sea Shanty Workshop.

Bodhran Workshop ~ Saturday 23rd September ~ 12.30-2pm

At The Regis Center (Gallery Room): with the fantastic Mal Simms.

Fiddle Workshop ~ Sunday 24th September ~ 11am-12.30pm

At The William Hardwicke: with the highly talented Juliet Stallard.

Sarah McQuaid Guitar Workshop ~ Sunday 24th September ~ Midday

At The Regis Center (Gallery Room): In her hands, the guitar becomes much more than merely an accompanying instrument...
Sarah McQuaid

Concertina Workshop ~ Sunday 24th September ~ Midday-12.30pm

At The Regis Center with the incredible Martyn Bradley

Celtic Dance Sessions ~ Sunday 24th September ~ 4-5.30pm

At The Regis Center Gallery Room. All welcome!

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